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Muscles can become tight due to minor injuries, inactivity, overexertion, age and overuse during everyday activities. There might be an uncomfortable pulling sensation when the affected muscles are used.

Muscle stiffness should not be confused with joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. With muscle pain and stiffness, there isn’t usually any real physical restriction of movement, but the pain or soreness can be enough to limit movement until the muscles have ‘warmed up’. In more severe cases – particularly when there is an injury involved you may experience quite a lot of pain and restricted movement as a result.

An active, healthy lifestyle is essential to eradicating muscle stiffness. Mild to moderate exercise and stretching on a daily basis and exercise incorporating slow, regular movement such as stretching and toning’, pilates, yoga or swimming are all highly beneficial. Even a regular daily walk of half a mile or more can make a huge difference after a week or two.

Nicolas Maurice can help you to manage your muscular tightness and given advice on appropriate exercises which will suit your condition and fitness level.

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