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Neck Pain

Almost everyone experiences some sort of neck pain or stiffness at one time or another, perhaps after having our head in the wrong position for a prolonged period of time. Most of the time this will resolve on its own, however, ongoing neck pain may follow injury, overuse or trauma, for example whiplash.

Your neck is a delicate part of your spine which not only supports the weight of the 10-12lb head, but also protects the intricate web of nerves which give life, motion and power to your limbs. Neck pain can frequently be accompanied by or associated with headaches, frozen shoulders or even carpal tunnel syndrome. Gentle neck treatment – including chiropractic adjustments, massage and exercises – may help relieve your discomfort and restore your spine’s full function.

Many of our patients who have tried other treatments such as osteopathy, physiotherapy and accupuncture without success, rate Chiropractic as an excellent way of managing their neck pain.

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