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Sports Injury

Sports injuries may be acute or due to overuse. An acute injury is sudden, such as a tear, and would rapidly show signs of inflammation. Unfortunately many athletes ignore such acute strains or tears until the injury becomes repetitive and generally more serious. An overuse injury would include:

- tendonitis and bursitis;
- ligamentous tears;
- plantar fasciitis;
- illotibial band syndrome;
- runners knee; and
- shin splits.

A close analysis of your posture, spinal and peripheral joint mobility, surface electromyogram study and spinal x-rays (where necessary) would reveal an array of correctable faults.

Chiropractors use gentle, specific and effective adjustments to reduce nerve interference, free stiff joints and restore normal movement. Chiropractors may also use soft tissue release, acupuncture and heat/cold treatment. Adjustments are generally painless, although some short-term discomfort may sometimes be felt around the injured area.

Once the injury settles, the chiropractor will encourage you to follow a programme of rehabilitation exercises to help strengthen the injured area, improve flexibility and prevent recurrence of the problem. A regime of wellness/maintenance care is also recommended to help the general conditioning of the spine and other peripheral joints.

Chiropractic is not just for pain, but can boost your performance and ability to function optimally.

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