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Flexibility is one of the main components of physical fitness and is believed to be important for optimum health. Flexibility exercises have been prescribed for relief from numerous disorders, including general muscular tension, low back pain and for general well-being. A certain amount of flexibility is needed for body movement; conversely, lack of flexibility restricts movement.

Flexibility of a particular joint is limited by factors such as the bony structures of joints, and the size, strength of the muscles, ligaments, and tissues surrounding the joint. Most flexibility exercises focus on improving the extensibility of muscles and associated tissues, usually by very slow and controlled stretching. To be effective, flexibility training must include:

- stretching the muscle more than is normal (but within tolerance limits)
- holding a stretched position for longer than is normal
- increasing the number of stretches.

It takes several weeks of regular training to produce improvements: for maximum benefit flexibility exercises should be performed on a daily basis. Many adequate routines take only a few minutes each day to complete, but warm-ups and cool-downs must also be included in good flexibility programmes.

Great ways to improve your flexibility are not only exercises prescribed by your chiropractor but also regular exercise and attending yoga or pilates classes. Nicolas Maurice recommends for yoga and Chiropractic adjustments can play a major role in reducing spinal misalignments which may influence your flexibility.

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