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Lexi was born 4 weeks premature in November 2009. After about 4 weeks I started to notice her head appeared to have a bump growing to the side of her forehead. I was assured by my Health Visitor that her hair would grow eventually and you would not notice it!

During a visit to the Clinic I asked my Chiropractor Nick if he would check Lexi's spine and asked for his advice on "the bump" on her head. He assured me everything was fine and that there was a mild distortion to her Cranial bones, most likely from the birthing process. He explained how he could gently manipulate her skull bones (Cranial Therpay) to reduce any undue stress on her head.

After one visit her head looked much better and her breathing improved .She slept much more contentedly that night - happy days! I have continued to take Lexi and after just a few visits all is now fine. Lexi loves her visits to Nick and pulling his glasses off is her favourite move!

I am a regular visitor to the Clinic and feel it has helped not just my spine but my general health. I will continue to take Lexi along to the clinic as she grows, to ensure she has the best start in life.
Lexi, Ards Peninsula, Co.Down

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