Lisburn Chiropractic Clinic | Belfast | Northern Ireland
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I have been attending the Lisburn Chiropractic Clinic since August 2010. I was diagnosed with spinal disc problems by my GP and this was affecting my walking ability and general mobility.

I was in severe pain at that time but after several treatments with Nicolas Maurice I began to feel the pain ease.

I am very thankful to Nicolas and his staff for all of the care and professionalism showed towards me.

I feel the treatment has relieved my pain and I am walking steadier and it has eradicated the need for any pain relief or analgesics. A family friend told me about the Lisburn Clinic and I am thankful to my friend.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nicolas to any of my family members or friends who would have similar problems. I feel the need to continue my treatment periodically to keep my body fit It is my opinion that once a month does me great.

Julie Tinsley

Very satisfied patient.

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