Lisburn Chiropractic Clinic | Belfast | Northern Ireland
Lisburn Chiropractic Clinic | Belfast | Northern Ireland
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I initially began attending chiropractic care in August 2003, after developing back pain through repeated and incorrect usage of a piece of gym equipment. After repeated adjustments my back pain quickly eased and finally left me completely.

Although back pain was the reason I contacted a chiropractor in the first place, it is not the reason I continue to be adjusted every four weeks to the present day, January 2008.

The reason is increased immunity to infection and improved energy and vitality levels. I am a busy mother of three (10, 7 and 6 weeks), with a full-time teaching career. Although I live between Banbridge and Moira and work in Newry, I am happy to travel to Lisburn to see my Chiropractor.

I have discovered that a visit to my chiropractor when I feel symptoms of a cold, flu or stomach virus quickly alleviates those symptoms and they do not develop any further.

To me this type of treatment is better than any medication and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone who wants to feel truly great!!

Judith, Banbridge, Co.Down

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